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Accelerate Your Profile On Twitter-
Even If You Are A Newbie

How To Grow Your Business
Through Social Media Sites

How To Create Automatic Profit From 
Social Media & Keep Your Sanity 
      At The Same Time

Video Marketing - How To Fast Track
Your Results with Video

The Art Of Being Genuine

Social Media Tribes-How You Can 
Achieve Success Faster & Multiply Your 
      Online Exposure ByLeveraging A Tribe

Marketing With Autoresponders

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'The Relational Age' book is a Collection of PROVEN
from leading Social Media Experts around
the World that will
help you navigate the world of Social
          Media-both offline & offline.

Most people only discuss the new online tools when
discussing Social
Media, and while those are important,
they aren't the whole story!

Social Media is any form of media that starts a discussion,  
with the goal of creating relationships.

Whether you are just getting starting, or you are a Social
expert yourself, this book will open doors to
strategies that you 
can implement today to help you grow
          your business by
creating relationships.

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 You Will Also Learn...

  Why A Picture is Worth A Thousand Friends…Or Enemies

  Why Wall Street’s New Intersection Is Main Street

  Why Books Speak Volumes When Creating Relationships

   Learn The Three Most Important ‘Who’,‘What’, And ‘Where’
   Questions To Ask In Social Media For Business Users

   The Relational Marketing Secrets To Attract, Nurture
   and Retain Your Perfect Clients Online and Offline!

  Why Language is the Gift, Listening the Responsibility

  Whether or not Influencers Are Born or Made?

  About Social Media: The Relationship Age

  About Membership Sites – The Golden Goose of Internet Marketing

  How Social Media Is Used As A  Backbone in ESOL Teaching

   How To Harness the power of 3 Strategies you already use and
   Become Irresistible in Social Media

  How To Keep Social Media From ‘Eating You Alive’!

   To Recognise Whether Or Not You are “Engaging?” – And Why
   Engaement Is The Currency of The Relationship Age

  About Relationships and Social Media

  About Building Know, Like and Trust with Lead Magnets

  Also About Hobnob, Mingle, or Schmooze?

  Even though there are Millions of people already using Social Media,
    there are also 
Millions who are not.

The reason why this is the case is mainly due to fear- not knowing
    how to start.

 You will find that the people who are already using Social Media,
    are not utilising it
to its fullest potential-again, they don't how.

 We live in an era where 'building relationships/rapport' is essential
    to growing your 
business to greater heights that ever dreamed...

 Many believe that Social Media is only for online businesses-
    they fail to realise that 
 Social Media can and should be applied
    to all offline businesses as well.

 Many still believe that getting Started on Social Media is either too 
    hard or even a waste of time.

Social Media, when used correctly can increase your business
    profits condsiderably.

So Why Not Start Today!!
Not Only Will You Be Able To Increase Your Business Turnover When You Apply The Principles Mentioned In This Book, You
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 I started on Social Media in January 2009 and in a short period of time
      started building
my following on Twitter quite dramatically.
      In a space of nearly two year,
I have built a following
      of nearly 45,000 people.

I too was in the same position as you are now when I first started!

 I had NO idea of what to do, NO idea on how to create an
     account, I was scared incase I did the wrong thing- though after

     persistant effort, pushing through several barriers,
     I was able to finally figure
out a strategy, that by simply
     implementing, increased my followers at a dramatic rate!

 Therefore, I put my findings to the test- to receieve GREAT results!!

All the principles that I have learnt over the 2 years are in this book!!!

To Your Success

Katrina Kavvalos

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